Estate Planning for Future Generations

Estate planning is about crafting and securing a financial plan that echoes your values and intentions.

An effective estate plan typically addresses who will inherit your assets and often includes a detailed plan for end-of-life health care decisions, should you become incapable of making these decisions yourself. It also seeks to minimize the tax burden for those who inherit your assets.


An estate plan creates clear direction for distributing your property and assets upon your death exactly as you wish.


An estate plan gives you options to support the people, and causes you care about most during your lifetime and after you’re gone.

Peace of Mind

An estate plan gives your loved ones a clear understanding of your precise wishes during a difficult time.

Aligning Investments With Estate Goals

Unfortunately, many people fail to establish an estate plan, even those who would benefit significantly from it. There’s an extreme lack of estate planning among people of all levels.

Our role is to recommend tax-efficient investment approaches that complement these plans. We focus on tactics like gift giving, qualified charitable distributions, and donor-advised funds, that not only support your philanthropic goals but also serve to reduce your estate’s tax liability, allowing you to maximize the impact of your legacy.